Food chain – Produce safety
The production of wall paints BabyPaint, with a superior quality and suitable for children’s environments, has been feasible thanks to the assets and experience reached in a productive field intended for the food chain and thanks to the steady commitment in searching for raw materials with the requirements of pureness levels equal or equivalent to a food additive or a food contact material.

A substance reaches the food level or is suitable to be in contact with food only after processes intended to assure the quality, which also go through strict analytical controls aimed at verifying in particular the absence or presence of those classes of chemical substances considered harmful for people, animals and/or environment health, in quantities considered safe for the consumer’s health (mainly as far as sensitive consumers – like children – are concerned).

Children and the environmental pollution
A survey carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO) and by the Environmental European Agency (EEA) produced a monograph “Children’s health and environment: a review of evidence. Children are particularly exposed to the impact of the environmental pollution, as they are growing organisms and are very vulnerable to chemical agents.” (Source: President of the European Commission at the Green Week 2002.)

Health hazard classes of chemical substances
Pollutants in wall paints are those chemical, sometimes harmful, substances, present in the paints, which may be released in the environments through vaporization creating pollution; therefore they can be breathed by people staying there, even after years.

It should be known that a particular class of those polluting compounds is represented by the volatile organic substances (known as VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds), present as well in most of the paints and varnishes in our houses.

In order to reduce the VOC quantity emitted into the air and into the troposphere, the European Union decided to regulate the use of Volatile Organic Compounds, through the definition of homogeneous categories of products and it states the limits of the highest possible concentration of VOC for each category.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
BabyPaint is a wall paint for interiors, odourless, with VOC ZERO, it was created and formulated for environments intended for people sensitive to polluting substances, for instance mums-to-be, newborns and children.

The expression VOC ZERO (even if the figure zero is clearly an approximation as it is a value scientifically not-reachable) defines indeed that class of products which comes to 
zero emissions after short drying times, thanks to only few parts per million of VOC contained in the product (before the drying process).

The wall paints BabyPaint, outcome of our research and our exclusive productive processes, have a VOC content considered equal to zero; the tests carried out in an accredited public laboratory showed results which certify figures lower than 0.01 g/l in the liquid product, while the Communitarian regulations fix 30 g/l as the highest possible content.

Our products with a VOC content classified as equal to zero guarantee a really high level of quality and safety, basic and essential value when the products are used in children’s environments.

Photocatalysis – The chemical process of air purification
The high content of Anatase Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is another characteristic typical of the wall paints BabyPaint, and it gives them a superior quality.

The Anatase Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is responsible for the oxidation process of photocatalysis which with some light (sunbeams) attracts and retains H2O molecules (moisture) which are naturally present in the air, in this way it keeps the fine dusts and actually creates a purification process of the air of the environment in the course of time.

Demanding and onerous company choices
Producing paint for children’s environments has committed us in onerous choices; BabyPaint:

  • only uses controlled raw materials with a pureness level equal or equivalent to a food additive or a food contact material, packaging included; as a matter of fact other substances are completely excluded from the manufacturing cycle and from the production plant;
  • in the production it adopts systems of quality management in accordance with the international standards, for instance the standard ISO 9001;
  • in the production it adopts systems of quality assurance and control in accordance with the GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice), that is in compliance with all the regulations, procedures and guidelines, according to which the products intended to be in direct contact with food are produced.

For its technical characteristics BabyPaint can be leaders among the best water-based wall paints for environments used by mother-to-be, newborns and children.
Other technical characteristics:
  • Excellent performance in terms of covering power
  • Excellent results
  • Excellent filling power
  • High point of white